Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tame Iti made us run it from everywhere !

Now that I'm a week back from sabbatical the "dare to be different" model has saved my sanity. The problem is when you try something different we sometimes are forced to stick to it and sometimes we are loath to back down, and go back to what works. The change to something else needs to be tempered with what works, so analysis and gut feeling needs to take place. I have a theory I like to call the "Tame Iti syndrome".  I think that with the likes of radicals we need them to impose their outlandish ideas so that those in the middle look at the idea and think that's ludicrous but perhaps "this or that" would be ok. Those "this or thats" may well be right of center therefore Mr Iti gets a little bit of shift.
What I'm getting at is, that my week of doing the opposite has saved my sanity, kept me fresh but some of the work and ideas and things I did were fairly unproductive. 
I need to find out what I did different that was successful and build on that.
I'm likening this now to the All Blacks who in one week need to turn things around.
The All Blacks are going to be wrestling with an adventurous tactic, that failed,  will they back down ? Will they go to a "what we know" style ? Sometimes belief in what you do, needs to be paramount and belief in your team and their belief in you will get you through. 
In reality a team takes years to cultivate and this team of All Blacks is like any staff, Leadership, Tactics and Belief can get you a long way.

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