Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Web Thr3

So web 3 is just around the corner, will this be the seize back of web from the corporate connectivity we are spiraling into with web 2.0. In our schools if you are using web 2 in the classroom you are hailed the new messiah. What about the interactive whitebaords, they are bringing web 2 to the touch and feel of kids, brilliant (not). So what will web Thr3 bring.

How about who gives a shit. In just four days in Whangaruru I have discovered that Wal is having his 60th at Ngaiotonga Marae, Ray Ray and Linda are cutting the flax and painting Warrens batch. Tutu the local jack russell died, he was one of the family at Bland Bay. The rain nearly washed away Aunty Bunny's converted milking shed where she lives.
Caribou Creek (farm) opened a local farmers market and three locals take their produce there every second Saturday. Petrol is busting through the roof, and its a 120km round trip to the supermarket, the only comment about petrol out here is that they are lucky to be away from the big smoke and the need to get in a car. The harbour is fishing well, Gary got 40 Parore, 20 Mullett a Gurnard and a stray Shark in is net the other day. Its been battered Lemon fish all round.
On the eve of the worldwide release of iphone 3g and the enormity of the blogosphere, you tube and the like, it seems to me that the slow moving world isn't a bad alternative. Local people bringing their produce together, perhaps even bartering fish for fruit. 

How will web thr3 grow the village?
Can we supply the market, cut the flax, catch the fish and contribute to web thr3?
Are we on a journey and not finding time to realise life's not a journey?

See you at Wal's.

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Manaiakalani said...

Spent an interesting year last year with Daryl from Tologa Bay who was doing an eFellow research into whanau engagement in ICT. He knows the locals really well but was amazed as he did his research to discover how much web 2 stuff was going on in the Bay that he didn't know about. Shepherds on Skype, townies on Bebo, lots of stuff happening. And I think the terminology stuff is hype. When Web3 happens the world is so small that it will be happening in the back of PNG, on the farm at Manawaru and on the coast at Tologa. They just won't be showing off about it and thinking they are 'cutting edge'...