Saturday, July 19, 2008

TV3 and Radio Live vs TVNZ and Radio Network

Well this is a big shit fight, Veitch has lashed out at his ex missus and the press went ape shit. I get the feeling though that the dirt was dug up by 3/Live and the two big entities have had a good old battle. Looks like TV3 and Live won the battle but it seems that the public aren't too impressed with any of them.

Veitch and the Ex, well who knows what actually happened and who cares, not me.

My question is whether he should loose his job, I know he resigned but why? 
I know teachers who have beaten up their wives, who smoke dope regularly, and who have been known to throw the odd punch. They walk into the classroom on a Monday un-judged and teach your children. These teachers area an exception but they are out there. If one of my staff was arrested or DIC or did drugs in their own time and didn't bring it to work, what grounds do I have to sack them and should they go?
In fact these guys are in every workplace, where does an employers job start and finish ? 
I'm not their bloody parents.

If punters weren't going to listen or watch Veitch on TV or radio he is no good to employ. If I had a staff member who got drunk had a fight and it was in the news, then parents would apply pressure to get their kids out of the class, it could be a nightmare as an employer. The question is, Is it news ?

Then the real questions emerge?
How bad is our press?
How impartial are they?
Is this the American Networks taking sides?
How fair will the Election Coverage Be ?

This is NZ's future it's important
It is too late though to trust the press and believe that news is news. John Campbell started the rot. His sickofantic condescending shit is a waste of 30 minutes most nights. Close up is no better, neither TV3 or TVNZ can be trusted. I know that the election coverage and the build up to this next election can be won and lost by the way it is reported, I don't know which way the channels are leaning but you can guarantee they will slay the fodder and slant their coverage for their own political gain. Impartiality in news in NZ is well dead.

Imagine being a different thinker in the political spectrum, or a small Political Party they are like shit in the tread of your shoes. Speaking of shoes, walk a mile in a maori party shoes, they get the boot by all New Zealand. 

I'm not feeling sorry for politicians I am pissed that Joe Blogs is being persuaded and dissuaded by crooked overpaid bastards who cant be trusted, ask Tony V.

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