Saturday, August 2, 2008

You get what you deserve. But you may have to wait a while.

You get what you deserve. 
It's something that has been my saying for many years. I often use the analogy in Rugby terms. I had a friend who grew up in NZ age grade rugby and played NZ schools. He went on to play for Tonga in Rugby World Cup in 03. He played against the All Blacks and Tonga lost by 90 odd points. After the game he went to the All Black changing room for a beer and laugh with some of his old schoolboy mates. He got an empty stare, a filthy look from the coach, and was sent packing without a smile, handshake or even a raise of an eyebrow. 2 weeks later New Zealand were home not even making the final. Karma.

For the last 3 months I've been working with the Under 21 boys at the local rugby club and we have built a good team with a tonne of guts, and were knocked out today in the semi final. A good season and we certainly got what we deserved.
Marist who beat us, have won every game, only one draw (with us) and have now qualified for the final. Pakuranga who they will play in the final have gone through the season playing well but the attitude of the coach, sideline, and players has been very disappointing. Try this: Laughing at a broken neck (and the boy is still in a wheelchair) and threatening to do it to other players next time. Telling other coaches to bait the Marist team when you play them. Referee abuse and more. I hope they get a dorking next week in the final, but I have a funny feeling. Karma ?

I had a first XV a few years back and we lost every game and were relegated to the 2nd division. Yet they were a brilliant bunch of kids, they worked hard and played with courage. At our last game we nearly beat the top team. Captain Eugene Mulipola stood up and said that he had been in the team for three years and had some great wins but this was the best TEAM he had ever been in. So where was our Karma, surely we should have one one game?
I think the lessons of loosing and teamwork stuck with these boys for life. After loosing one of our boys Sam Raeina in a tragic accident, these men came out of the woodwork and I got a chance to see my team some 7 years later.
The money came from the pockets, the haka came from within, and the friendships ran deep with these men. Guys who came to school to eat their lunch are policeman and electricians. These guys a dads, workers, men, kiwis. Karma - yip.

This too relates to the way I work and make decisions. I think if you are prepared to give and give and give then things will happen. Givers make the world go round. Think of all those people you know who give time, effort, encouragement. 
I've met some awesome teachers, i've got some awesome teachers, but those who give are something special. It's a motto I try to live by and work by. Sometimes at home I'm probably guilty of not giving, and for that I apologise. Karma for me, I don't really give a shit about, having such a great job, awesome family, people who care, is Karma enough, I get my fair share.

But Marist ? I hope their Karma comes next week, they deserve it.


Manaiakalani said...

Well said Luke - the rugger and the giving. Always surprises me when I come acroiss teachers who are in it to get. There are a few of them around but it doesn't work like that does it. And we really appreciate everything you have given us - never have a conversation without coming away with a useful gem.
Thx m8

Podgorani said...

thanks mate I believe in karma - go Marist

GimliNZ said...

Hey Summy,

Nice post mate. We all know Pakuranga's real name - starts with "pack of... " and ends with something that rhymes with tankers!! As I've had associations with both clubs and chose Marist - when I was old enough to make my own decisions - I know which club has the better club culture.

And remember karma can be a bitch!!

Gimli aka Smithy!