Monday, August 11, 2008

Kiwi Leadership Principals- whooey - boo

I couldnt sit back and let this go by without comment. (Comments in brackets.)

The final Kiwi Leadership (what makes it specifically Kiwi?) for Principals KLP document was released on 7 August. Two copies of the document have been sent to all schools.
(So you can file one under W for waste of money and use the other to prop up the data projector)

Developed in collaboration with the school sector (who wondered why it was needed)

and underpinned by research evidence contained in the 2008 Educational Leadership BES,(which looked at a longitudinal study of 100 principals of which 1 was a kiwi)

KLP presents a model of leadership that reflects the qualities, knowledge and skills required to lead New Zealand schools from the present to the future. (yeah right - and it reflects no practical knowledge of what we do every day presuming we are all planning for the future of professional leadership)

KLP will be used as a reference point for developing the Professional Leadership Strategy. (how about you pay for this PD, and give us time for it by releasing management)

This strategy will provide a three to five year plan outlining how the Government intends to work with the sector to achieve the goal of strong professional leadership in every New Zealand school by 2012. ( boffins in wellington will now write this plan thus keeping themselves in a cruzy job for three to five years)

Some Thoughts : i wonder how many thousand the circular logo and web design cost ?
any chance of a set of badges saying "principals can achieve" and "leading learner"
It smacks of beaurocrats in wellington coming up with ideas, writing jobs for themselves, to keep themselves employed.

My personal opinion is that the MOE is full of people all ticking boxes and clipping the ticket. They are now working with the benefit of RESEARCH, research which has been interpreted by the experts as confirming their opinions (nothing new there).  With this new found backing the bloated bureaucracy is now out of control. The problem with this so called RESEARCH is that the practicalities of leadership and getting the job done are sacked for theory and stats. These University research types are brilliant people, Dr this, and Dr that, but they are notoriously aloof, mildly strange, difficult to converse with, appalling listeners, and absolutely terrible keynote  presenters.

Maybe its just a personality thing that has me choking on my Lion Red when the MOE issued the KLP stuff, Or is it just me.

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