Monday, June 1, 2009

When the boss is away

I get a feeling that the MOE doesn't trust us. They seem to be determined to get through their election promise. Shame really that the purpose of the National Standards is political vote winning. It's actually a disgrace that the reason for the National Standards isn't about kids. Anne Tolley can argue till she's blue in the face about how essential these things are, so can all those facilitators who are lining up school contracts to help schools implement these standards. The truth is that these might be an important set of guidelines but they have always existed, exemplars, PATs, nathan astle and numpa testing. Why don't they just bloody address those schools who aren't there and let us get on with out job.

I don't want to bleat on about these standards, I've got better things to do. Try this video about trust. I'm sure the MOE think this is what schools are doing while they aren't looking.


Pete Hall said...

We tailor learning conversations with teachers of different skill and experience. We know that people are at different stages and not only need different things but need those things delivered in different ways.

I'd like to think that the ministry would do the same for us through ERO. Offer different conversations to different schools that support their growth... but do they know us well enough? Does this really happen? Let's hear from any school who can say this was their experience. Who's first?

Pete Hall

Podgorani said...

i would have to say i have heard that this is the case with ero and we will get those rich conversations, looking forward to that scenario