Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've had a difficult week trying to comprehend priorities.
First 2000 lycra wearing greenies walked and biked across the harbour bridge, they want a cycle lane and an footpath.
Secondly there was a brilliantly organised hikoi that had a few thousand walk up queen street wanting maori representation on the the new super city council.
Thirdly a trial continues at enormous cost for a man who has 6 months left on his sentence.
Lastly the MOE are rushing through national standards for schools to be introduced in 2010 just to keep an election promise, this is not being done to raise educational achievement.

ok here we go with the tirade:
1.greenies stop growing your own sandals and do some bloody maths, 1.2 billion for another "clip on" for your footpath and six foot fence to stop jumpers. It's a no brainer go away, stop wasting our time, wait for the bloody tunnel or second bridge and then ask again.
2. good hikoi cuz but why was there 500 waitakere city council employees at the march? they didn't want maori representation, they are just another bunch of incompetant beaurocrats wanting to keep their nice new offices and jobs. once bitten WCC, you're out.
3. david bain guilty or not the evidence is just at complete opposites from both sides, so lots of people are lying or lawyers are orchestrating evidence to get a result the think is right / slanting evidence. lawyers will never ever do this so what the bloody hell is this all about. MONEY our money.
4. the one that has most educators scratching their heads. are they needed? maybe they are! but how will national not loose face with their simplistic election promise and education survive without "test teaching". this farce will be rushed through with so called "consultation" and it will railroad over the NZC which schools are working hard at implementation for 2010 and it has slammed ka hikitia to the pile of books under the DP's desk.
If the standards must come then take your bloody time you stupid noddys and get it right first time and implement it with PD and people on board not on the defensive. wake up you dumb arses!

My priority is to have a bloody good weekend with the intention of getting a fish or two. thats what I call a priorty.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you are going to the consultation meetings? I just read the article in the Edgazette and am horrified. There are massive implications when teachers bang on about standards in the early years. Suddenly happy children who are making progress can become 'failing' children. Holistic and developmental learning can go out the window with the pressure on teachers for children to make progress in maths and literacy. If the ministry get their standards wrong, it will end up like the UK system where you can have 1/3 of your class on IEP's! If they do it properly and get it right then hopefully the kids won't enter into a pressurized system at the age of 5. Sort the curriculum first, then worry about standards.

Anonymous said...

Got to agree with Rachel - let's get the curriculum sorted first then worry about how we are to assess whether our kids are making the grade or not. If this Nat. testing gets pushed through before schools have a robust curriculum in place the whole lot will turn to sludge.
Priority at the moment - teaching teachers how to teach again !

Fletchspeak said...

oops - pushed the wrong button - Anon I am not - its really me Fletch!

Podgorani said...

rachel may have a glam photo but the dendrites are connected. you are on the money girl. she might be greazing for a job on her return from england, but that wouldnt be a bad thing. good to hear a first hand england point of view. cheers rachel

Podgorani said...

caught, filleted, battered, eaten, lime from the tree, arrllll gooooooddd

Regan said...

Luke, great to read your honest, fresh approach to the hurried implementation of these Standards. The word 'consultation' needs to be readdressed by the MOE, I think they meant, 'info roadshow'.