Monday, June 1, 2009

No sweat Pio you are the bomb

One of the best evenings a school could ever host. We got in touch with no sweat parenting after a parent told me they went to an event where Pio Terei had spoken. She said he was awesome. I have met Pio through my sons kapa haka group and found him to be a top bloke.
Pio has teamed up with Ian Grant to reach Maori parents. I get a feeling Ian Grant stumbled over an absolute gem. Pio had the power point that kept him on course, he had the messages that were simple, and the real life experiences that ring true for all parents. The thing is that there were some very simple ideas that touched a nerve for me.

Emotional tanks, we all have them and they can be emptied by words, actions, feelings, surroundings. He made a great point. We have lots of kids in this country who have empty emotional tanks and they have been empty since they were five years old.
Teachers can make a difference. A smile, a kind word, a touch (hug) whatever, these help fill that emotional tanks. Every class has one kid at least with an empty tank, we all know who they are, when you see them tomorrow, give them a smile a kind word and a nice touch.

We had a very multiculutral audience and everyone got the message whilst holding their sides with laughter. I encourage, no challenge every school to get Pio in the door. This is most definitely not about little kids either, teenagers are funny creatures too, the message is brilliant.


Manaiakalani said...

You are so right about Pio and the parenting programme. We had him over our way (in the College) and he went down well with our multi-cultural crowd too. I think Ian Grant was more intentional than 'stumbling' over Pio, but he certainly found a great advocate for parenting in him.
Having spent the weekend with 30+ teens from our district on a camp I totally endorse what you say about the emotional tanks. They so respond to to the 'refilling' actions and we can only hope that it spills over into school tomorrow when they start their exam week.

Podgorani said...

yes dot, i think this is an area we could all do with thinking about as we face our kids/ clasrooms every day. we do make a difference little bit by little bit