Sunday, June 28, 2009

everything is bigger

The highlight thus far on the ISTE conference was meeting a taxi driver from Cameroon. He has a twin brother and many many family members still living in Cameroon. His brother wants him to send some new Puma soccer boots so he can be the envy of the local soccer field in Cameroon. Why are taxi drivers such philosophers, wow did this dude have a sharp eye on life. He says all of his family wants to come to America and he has been here 20 years and has the ability to sponsor any of his family to start a new life here. he wont bring anyone to USA, he says they have a better life there, simple, but better. He says that in cameroon his brother has no debt or money issues, plays soccer everyday, never eats processed food and looks 53 years old. He said he looks like his father and is terribly sad. He says he thought after 20 years in America he would be Bill Gates, alas he is a soccer mad taxi driver in DC. This guy was amazingly well educated, spoke beautiful english & french, and had an amazing grip on world affairs.
Sometimes bigger is not always better.
More soon.


Fletchspeak said...

how can anything be bigger and brighter than our own Podgorani?
Hope you are enjoying the trip mate and have lots of cool experiences to share when you get back. Have a bud for me!

Manaiakalani said...

And I thought you would be showing us pics of the trade Hall at NECC!
That guy shows a lot of sense doesn't he, but I wonder if he is popular with the folk back home then?