Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Make a List - A List of Satisfaction

It's that time of year again, teachers in wind down mode, or wind up mode.
Hi stress levels as families pull on heart strings and want endless arrangements that never suit. Then there is the added pressure of presents and cash flow issues. So what do we do? Well prepared teachers and mothers write lists. They plan it all for the helpless husbands, and total air-heads out there. Those blue-green thinkers who have it all sorted, the list writers.
Well I know I've said this before, but I have to say it again.
But this time start in Feb with the cool things you did in class, write this with your class, refer to your planning if you wish. Write it on the whiteboard, type it with kids, get it done any way you can.

This is your list of satisfaction.
Your list of achievement.
Your list of joy.
Your list that you and your kids can be proud of.

Do it, write it, take a picture, send it to me. I will paste it with this post, we don't need names we just want to celebrate..


CheesyUK said...

check it out - class have been doing just that using knowledge and skills gained through the year in photography and keynote - while also gaining a few more using transitions, music and hyper-links
see them on

Manaiakalani said...

If a list doesn't strike your fancy, then at least a reflection.... it sort of turns into a list if you have any nouce. I sat with a teacher today who has beavered away with her Year 2 class, doing a great job, but she wrote an excellent evualation and where to next for 2010 from it. Even had some snazzy little graphs using Keynote to whip them up! I know she will change her practice next year as a result of it. Made me more determined to do similar for EHSAS - even if noone will read it - coz it will inform MY practice.

Allanah King said...

We took you at your word and I asked my kids what they particularly wanted to share from our year. It was hard to make that sort of selection but the blog was a fabulous to retrieve those memories.

Moturoa Class Highlights

Podgorani said...

thanks for your additional ideas, i know that you all take up the challenge for someone else too which is really what teaching is all about. cheers you three. enjoy the break.