Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 dont be too quick getting there.

While meeting with by ping buddies #chanellingmyinnerbarb and @mumbleboy we began talking about TOD's for 2010, and we immediately started talking about what we will have for lunch. We then get into the; what shall we do differently next year? I then had 12 interruptions and the conversation went back to the usual hum drum business as usual coverage stuff on TOD's.

NO I SAY - NO. No more of the same. We will be different. We will think differently.
So although we will cover the usual stuff, set some school goals together, and talk about a bit of planning and chat happily over coffee. We will be different.

We have a cool team building activity sussed out- It will be offsite - It will involve a bit of music, food, laughter, teamwork, water, satisfaction, and an easily do-able activity, for all who want to give it a go.
You just gotta get offsite together. It just doesn't happen enough as a staff.

Just for 30 seconds today, I thought "I'm a bit excited about the start of next year". Then I stopped and listened to my senses which were saying "go home you dickhead, your whanau are ready to take a break from all this school crap". I went home, so should you. Switch off your macs, my blog over the next month is gonna be about fishing, golf, harness racing and random stuff.
Its gonna be fun.

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