Friday, December 18, 2009

are your school reports any good?

We are almost at war in NZ now with the minister of education. how did things escalate so far? why is the union chipping into everything while losing site of lots of things? why is the union our front office, our spokesperson. Now more than ever we need a Principals union. A spokesperson with the ability to lead, gain support, have public appeal and be apollitical. We have had some ridiculous claims firing left and right from anne tolley and francis nelson and earnie and that lady from STA. I'm bored of it all.

So i am against national standards and then i get my sons report and it says
Maths 58% Mean 52% a pleasing year he could have got a better result in the test.

So was the test hard? easy? is he any good at maths? what level is he working at? is he likely to go on and pass ncea/cambridge on that test result? should we pay for a maths tutor? is he actually really good and the teacher he had missed the boat? is he disruptive? is he crusing? does anyone care?

Having a national standard would not have improved his ability in maths but maybe it might get some schools to pull their fingers out on the reporting side.

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Evan said...

The woman from the STA is really a propagandist for the Ministry of Education in my opinion. Sadly, the NZSTA is so heavily funded by the Ministry that views of trustees are secondary.

It will be the lower socio economic students that struggle. The Boards of the lower decile will have no idea, and the discouragement from the Education Review Office and the Ministry will merely make it worse.

Mid to high decile schools will most likely take the Nat Standards on board without changing their way of life. But the problem being addressed is not in that area.

Be prepared for more fun and political games - and not just from the politicians!!!

Political motivations rule in the state sector. Write it out 50 times!