Monday, April 16, 2012

#1 on tour

It was interesting to see the integration of devices and laptops into the US schools programme.

A few observations and questions. Not definitives in any way

Ob : The device must be owned by the kids otherwise its not personal and or personalised.

Ob : Schools who have previously had laptops can’t give up on them even though they know what ipads/ipods can do. The reasons are: the massive committment to PD over ten years, the money tied up in them and that the ipad/pod cant do all that the laptop does.

Q can a school who never invested in laptops just get ipads/pods and start fresh without the preconceived shortfalls of the device and the have the ability to just “make it happen” ?

Q should laptop schools just grow up and go to the devices now ? 5 years and the laptop is off to join encyclopedia britannica.

Q are we educating children for today or five years in terms of the hardware ? If my son was in year 3 i want him to have the best ever year 3, now - today !

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Smithy said...

That last Q brings back memories of the great late Jim Ferguson! (RIP) "they are only ever 5/6/7...yrs once. Don't plan for next year's class to have the tools this year's class need now!!" Heard him say this on many an occasion! Still rings true today!!