Monday, March 26, 2012

Don't be so Reckless!

Is it time to take the advice from the band Australian Crawl?

The time of complaining has just become untenable. Recently I was chatting with a parent who says they want to support teachers and is always happy with their class teacher but it seems when teachers are put into groups or represented as a group they appear to be negative moaners. She said it is typical of teachers to complain about the smallest things and that they hold a knowledge set that other parents aren't able to comprehend.
I kind of knew what they were saying and was almost agreeing although I know that the biggest bug bare for all teachers is parents who went to school so therefore that makes them experts in school. The flip side is that some teachers have never left school since they started all those zillion years ago at the age of 5 and they can't see the woods from the trees. They know it all.
This is me, I started at the age of 5 and apart from three years of training to be a teacher I am still at school, thats about to be 40 years, in that time is there any chance I or in my case other people with a similar history become negative to change and set in their ways, look to complain about stuff that doesn't matter!

Those who have met me wouldn't put me in the negative basket thats a certainty, but they might have me in the opinion basket (insert sarcasm- no way luke you'd never argue or have a strong opinion).

So at what stage is it ok to say
" She don't like that kind of behaviour"
"Lay down your guns don't be so reckless"

At this stage in education across the planet, we are facing statistical analysis and wide ranging judgements on teachers based on a result. So why not just roll with the punches and live within the boundaries. Tick the boxes and not lose focus on whats happening in the classrooms. Do what is best for the kids (educational achievement).
Laugh heaps, don't let our unions or representatives dangle negativity on us, don't let government policy no matter how laughable get us upset. Show those parents out there we care for one thing only. I'm not saying drop the fight for policy change,, leave that to those paid to direct change. But school by school class by class we live life with the glass overflowing.



Darren Sudlow said...

Good advice. I have found government policy really getting to me in the last year or so, but that is more from the perspective of a parent with two young boys who either at school or soon to start. I see some schools getting sucked into the whole literacy and numeracy thing at the expense of a more holistic approach and that concerns me. I suppose it is my job to engage with our local school and make sure I have my say if I am concerned with the direction they are heading

Julien said...

Refreshing Luke we need to focus on what we can change and do what we know is right my glass is half full to overflowing

Regan Orr said...

Couldn't agree more. Stop moaning and focus on the kids - that's why we're here.

Podgorani said...

well well well Who would of thought i'd get the agreeable line on this one.
life is great its an awesome time to be in education, as long as we are aware that one day it will be our job to say enough is enough - in a very positive way that is...

timl27 said...

Yep - love the song AND they say there are 3 types of curriculum anyway - that set nationally, that set by the school and that which happens in the classroom. So if we can influence 2 out of 3 of those it aint bad (oh no is that almost a bit of Meatloaf?!? - then the glass is certainly more than half full!