Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Q & A

Question : Is Mary Chamberlain not renewing her contract with the MOE because she sees what is on the horizon and just cant stomach it?
Answer : You bet ya.
Question : Why has it taken Pat Lam two seasons to finally put pressure on Joe Roks.
Answer : He now has an assistant coach who isn't a "yes man".
Question : Why do i cringe and hide when i hear eportfolios ?
Answer : The teachers do hours and hours of work and the leaders take all the glory and the kids couldn't really give a shit especially in two years time.
Question : Why is the labour party such a load of shit ?
Answer : Because Phil Gough is as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.
Question : Have Auckland University sold Astlle to the ministry of Education?
Answer : Who knows but its a bloody good rumor, and we will all be forced to do eAstlle as national testing kicks in.
Question : Does anyone actually give a shit about facebook privacy settings anymore?
Answer : No not really.
Question : Does Ken Robinson have anything else to say other than, education was built on an industrial model and now times have changed but education hasn't?
Answer : No, but he is very charming and witty.
Question : Will anyone run an educational conference where the social networks will form the guts of the conference?
Answer : Not while we bow and hail international peddlars selling their glossy crap.
Question : How long will it be until schools run real coffee shops?
Answer : It depends if you are an inner city tosser school, or does it?
Question : Is twitter for twits.
Answer : Shit yes.
Question : Should schools be operating without Facebook and Twitter?
Answer : Not really, but the tweeter will have to be a twit, see above.
Question : Was that bad shit in Japan or what?
Answer : Unbelievable.
Question : What do all the high school teachers doing Cambridge exams do after September 3?
Answer : Tutoring of course ($$ kaching), at "some" schools they even tutor kids they teach, using the school as a base! tut tut, wheres your ethics?
Question : Who can actually hear Stewie Griffin?
Answer : Brian (the dog, thats for you mumbleboy) and then after that its situational.


GimliNZ said...

You left out:
Q: What do feijoas taste like?
A Feijoas

Some good schizzle there Summy. Vedddy good!!

Regan Orr said...

That's a great Q and A list! Made me laugh, but there is some great thinking to churn over. NZPF last week we were shown a glossy MOE poster of where the future of PLD is going...goodbye school based PLD. Well done Podgorani.

Manaiakalani said...

When you bring over that netbook for imaging, our barrista kids will sell you a flat white from the coffee cart on the foyer :)

Podgorani said...

yes manaiakalani, we too have a coffee service running out of the back of a dark room #undergroundcoffee

Podgorani said...

Q is there any fishy stuff going on with pakistan at the cricket WC ?
A no they are just crap fielders
Q did the hurricanes choose the wrong coach ?
A yes but the right one isn't coaching the highlanders