Monday, March 28, 2011

iPod iPad iCant be bothered, iM in denial ?

The stories from people who have heard their ADE Joe Morelock speak are impressive. I think this is a good example of ipods ipads being done well. Read the links, click through, interesting stuff.

Canby School District have an iPod touch & iPad 1:1 Programme
Every 3rd grade child gets an iPod Touch/ iPad.
They have shown some huge increases in literacy and maths scores.
Main wiki on iPod use.
Using iTunes as a Digital Portfolio.
The teacher action research blogs - the stuff that is actually happening.
Using voice memos for reading fluency.
Geeky stuff on syncing.

They are not electronic worksheets.

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Pascale said...

A great list here, thank you for compiling. These people are really using the Istuff with a purpose.