Thursday, January 27, 2011

NCEA- My 50 cents

I'm a bit bored of the whole debate with Auckland Grammar choosing to go with Cambridge int exams and not doing the new zealand curriculum. However I have looked at the calendar for 2011 and I note that the last day for kids doing CIE exams is October the 7th. They then have two weeks holidays and the first day back after the holidays the CIE exams start.

So if i teach say, History for Y11, 12 ,13 at Grammar/any cambridge school, I don't have any classes after October the 7th, I have no marking either. I will however teach again in early February 2012. Possibly getting nearly 4 months out of the classroom. So if they are on an average salary of about 80k ( a unit of two) then they are getting about $1000 a week in the hand for 4 months of what.

Yes this is a simplistic view, but its getting quite laughable, its not Grammar here, its every Cambridge school.
No moderation, no marking final exams, a three term year, 4 months non contact.
Who is really getting the advantages?


Manaiakalani said...

Still chuckling after a revisit to this post and reading aloud to whanau at the beach. Well said Luke. Who is getting the advantages?

Podgorani said...

yeah i think sometimes you gotta look at the benefits and those people that work at schools can appreciate what it is like to have no class. this is a piss take but if I was at a cambridge school i'd be a little peeved at this slight... but we know the truth and we know that just quietly the teachers would be grinning about not having classes.. truth hurts sometimes