Thursday, January 27, 2011

Epic Fail

I’ve been stewing on this post for a while. So do we sit back and say nothing or do we just accept the case, close our eyes and get on with our lives. I’m talking about the kid who was found in a cupboard after Cypfs returned the kids to their parents. They were taken away from the family for seven years, then returned after someone/group of people said these parents were now fixed and fit to have kids. They then tortured and beat the kids and one girl seemed to get the worst of it.
Every school has sorry cases, I have seen some really bad shit when it comes to kids. Stuff that made me so angry, mainly because I was powerless. However there were people that held power in this case and they failed the children.
I know the school and teachers didn’t beat the kid, but they more than anyone should, and will be, asking themselves “could we have done better”.

Maybe we should all ask, what can we learn from this?

Every teacher can take a lesson from this: stand up for kids when no-one else will, trust your gut feeling, say something, take special interest in those children without friends, listen, get to know your kids, get to know the families of your children.

Every leader can learn something here: trust your staff, listen, get to know your families, make it your business, don’t accept peoples word - actions are far more trustworthy.

I know that over the years I have hesitated over Cypfs and making that phone call, only to find out after making the call that the family has a track record as long as your arm. It’s a bit like accepting bad behaviour and then putting your foot down, if you were vigilant all along you wouldn’t need to shout or even raise your voice, it’s about setting standards and maintaining them.
I cant blame people for this sad shit, I don’t know the truth, but I can and will learn from it.
I know NZ wants the best for these poor kids. I hope they are with a great family enjoying life. And want to say how sorry we are for what happened to you guys!


Fletchspeak said...

Yea Luke _ it happens but this sort of thing will always happen when the PC attitude that politicians, some community leaders & social welfare do gooders have, inhibits reality action. When it comes to the grunt some of us do not have the courage to take on the responsibility for others( you excluded mate)
We need to stand up and make a difference in the best way we can. Sometimes this means stepping back, down and sometimes out. I tell you though mate it does your heart & head a lot of good when you do. [more on my blog]
Hope to catch up soon.

Podgorani said...

yeah thats just the truth. i know at our school we advocate for kids first and foremost, i know this is true in almost every school but sometimes schools lose the plot and let systems override common sense