Wednesday, February 25, 2009

IseeRed eyeCred iSEAred

Thats it, i'm officially spewing at all those tossers who blacked out their facebook and twitter profiles. The Black out protest, well done, it worked.
Is it right that people are most upset about having their ISP take down their sites if they were illegally downloading full length feature movies.
No, I realise that it's not that simple, and that there were some other crazy "includes" in this proposed change that something had to be done.
BUT NO-ONE CARES NOW about the massacre that will happen when a kid unloads a truck load of bullets into kids and teachers. We can buy guns anywhere, street-kids, gangsters, intermediate school kids, people in low rider cars, wannabee killer bees, they all have guns. There will be a massacre at a school in NZ.
Forget about the pathetic black out and see RED, thats the colour of blood. That is worth making a stand over.
Now is the time to write to Simon Power Justice Minister
Tell him that it is inevitable and that he can do something about it before it happens.

Simon Power has replied to me saying - forwarding my message to police minister Judith Collins so EMAIL HER

After actually writing to the MP then you can change your profile to red. If you actually want to protest then changing your colour is one thing but addressing the issue with the people concerned is way better.

I have taken so much flak from twitter people who "@"ed and "d" me and also "removed" me because I dared to mock the black square. I was taking the piss, but I've thought about it and I reckon our growing gun problem is way worse than a bad law trying to catch copyright infringers. Yes you guys complained because they should be making laws about way more serious things, "thats why I protested" I can see your lips drooling over the thought of pressing "remove". Well you won.... yay for justice... now lets think about someone else, some poor unfortunate school, out there now, unaware that some drongo with a grievance sits and waits.


GimliNZ said...

So it begins:

Today scissors, tomorrow guns.

Podgorani said...

I think we can do something by letting judith collins know that she can prevent stuff, she can be the hero. My thoughts go out to our colleagues at Avondale College.