Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boy Racers are not the issue

John Key has a think tank on how to jump start the economy and wants to find jobs. The boy racers are driving fast and risking their lives. The dudes who beat and killed Nia Glassie got 18 years and barked like a dog when sentenced.
So we will have tougher sentences, crush their cars and employ people to look after them. 
Schools get blamed for everything these days, obesity, dental hygiene, societies failures, fair play, sunburn, all blacks losing... you name it..
Here is a chance while the ecomony is failing, to spend money on our future. In south akld the police have given every two high schools a community constable (with pleasing results). Try truancy officers for schools, social workers for schools, sports coordinators for schools, even paid sports coaches for schools. Surely we would be looking at the ambulance at the top of the cliff.
I'm not invited to John Keys think tank, but more of the same will only produce more of the same. No more barking or screeching of tyres please.

What is for certain is that we will have a massacre or big time shooting at a school in NZ, its a matter of when rather than if. I ask Mr Key and Anne Tolley what they are doing about this issue NOW and not after it happens, by the way a quick look on trade me says 505 guns available for bidding right now! Perhaps its a bit more urgent than the boy racers, poor christchurch, the wheels are making too much noise, I thought you all supported the crusaders and went to bed after "Fair Go".

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Cheryl Doig said...

I agree that we could be doing a lot more to be proactive and build up the things that are really going well. Tougher sentences is not an answer it is a band aid on an ever expanding societal wound. And as for boy racers in ChCh...I have the answer. I reckon their cars should be confiscated and given to their grandmothers. I quite fancy driving around in a racy number and doing a few wheelies in the street! Just the thought would probably be a deterent...