Thursday, November 15, 2012

Out of Ten

At the end of the year we often sit back and see how we went. Assess the year in review, possibly even give ourselves a number. Perhaps a six for teamwork a seven for leadership, maybe a nine for community involvement. I reckon that one certainty is John Key will sit back on December 23, browse over the puffy brown leather chair, past the wood paneled bookshelf and start handing out numbers for the ministers and their portfolios. Only the direct minions will be listening, maybe English, but more likely someone even more trusted, perhaps even just himself. When he gets to education it will be interesting, we all know the noise and hear the rhetoric, but in this beehive office the truth will out, how will it go down? If I was a fly on the wall here is my “what they may say”.

4 out of ten and possibly a 3, she's got a tough job but she hasn’t handled things well. That nonsense with class sizes has clearly cost us. What is happening now is that our flagship policy that parents loved and that we had the unions backpedaling on (national standards) has been dropped to the bottom of a mud heap and is not on any horizon. This Novopay has been a bad one too, how did that happen? I think the whole Christchurch thing may still blow up in our faces, bloody John Campbell is chasing our arse everywhere. Charter schools better be well handled well otherwise we may lose more ground.
I think we may have to have a look at the Secretary for Education, she better be on a warning, one more gaff and she can head for the hills. She gave us the bad information on class sizes that was embarrassing, she signed of this payroll mess, and she bomb-shelled the christchurch people, Hekia was part of that too. Im gonna stay positive and give them a 4 but must do better. 

Give them a number people, John will, so its ok for you to do the same.

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