Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Still on Tour - Unmanaged Devices

While in the big apple I visited a school that was super familiar with laptop 1to1 but were now in full swing with iPads.Tucked away in this hidden gem was an Irishman with a word for the wise. He said we need to unmanage these devices, stop making them all alike, stop trying to sync and control and let the teacher be responsible.They had ruled out the carts and just stuck them in every room, gave the teachers the volume lisencing stuff and a bunch of iTunes cards. He said he wanted teachers and children to use them for their needs not some school administrator purchasing and vetoing apps. He wanted teachers and to some extent students take control. Sharp guy who was also into 3D printing and stuff #anotherday #isthatasquirrelupthattree #easilydistracted 

What are your thoughts?


Waiau class 2012 said...

That seems very sensible

Jacqui Sharp said...

I agree, the choice of apps needs to be made by students and teachers. I am seeing too many devices in schools not updated and unnecessary apps that are not being used. Teachers are getting frustrated that they can't have the apps they want to use and ones recommended by students.