Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#7 on the road to Joe

I made my long awaited trip to Canby in a seek out "Joe Morelock". It was something I wanted to do since the podgorani discovered the canby wiki a few years back, I hadn't told Joe is was a secret mission to steal his mind, however I now have his most prized secrets Muwaaaahaahaa.
Sometimes you come across people who just have things sussed well beyond your thinking, those who have already made those discoveries that we mortals take years to trip over. What I found was a gem, a guy who was given a chance by his district and has taken it.
I shot quite a bit of video, and this I will stick into a format for my final report, however lots of the success can be put down to a clever superintendant, smart school leadership and lots of empowerment.
The classes were hives of activity, nothing contrived and lots of collaboration, they use google docs, blogs, wikis, edmodo, moodle and other collaborative tools (if you can try it they probably have), skill and drill is for the lemons, and if Joe has any he is making lemonade!

One gem from Canby is that one very important skill for teachers to learn is failure. Failure was expected and celebrated, teachers were encouraged to take risks and were asked to give hunches a go. NICE.
Failure was spoken about, it was put on the table as a huge possibility from day 1.

I also got to meet Dan @CanbyiOS the PL/PD & techo man for the district, he has the cool job of working with kids too, He is a hip dude (most are up this way) with an eye for quality learning.

I am just feeding you people 1 good thing at a time, It's just to keep you interested.

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Mac Stevenson said...

Sounds amazingly good mate and just the thing we need in so many places.

Kids busy learning and smiling as well.