Monday, February 20, 2012

Why do we go to school ?

Why do we come to school?
This was a Q we were asking ourselves at our most recent team leader meeting.
We were told that to increase student achievement was a given.
Our task was to think beyond student achievement.
I then had to draw a picture and explain what I had drawn, it had to depict - Why do I come to school?

If I asked you why you came to school (genuinely) what would your answer be?

I could just leave it open and ask your opinion, but I know ones reluctance to comment usually amounts in zero feedback, so I am happy to share my views in the hope that I don't get shot down too much for sharing.

My very poor sketch is about filling hearts and minds. As a Principal we are responsible directly for staff and indirectly for students in a general sence. This means that we have to keep those who work for us and with kids in an environment that fosters learning. We must have warm hearts and a healthy minds to get the success. I reckon we all have to try really hard to fill the hearts and minds of those we work with directly or indirectly to make our schools the best they can be.
Sounds a little warm and fuzzy sorry for those who want a sachet of "harden up" that comes only when a clean out is needed and even then a warm heart will always win through.

Why do you come to school?

3 comments: said...

Clever you

You have drawn me out of my RSS when I have been marking all as read to catch up.

I loved the mantra of Kevin Honeycutt at L@S.


Learn to love to learn.

It is something simple enough for me to get. And it's something that can work for everyone involved in school.

Firefly said...

To begin to join the community (local, national, global) and develop social and intellectual knowledge of how to progress in this particular society.

Podgorani said...

I was hoping I could touch a nerve thanks for sharing