Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ten Questions

Q: Is it really John Keys fault that a boat hit a reef and he personally didn't drive out a boat and start pumping the oil off Rena by hand?
A: No but it's great watching him squirm around and finally not win votes from a disaster.

Q: Who do you blame when your hard drive plays up now that Steve has gone?
A: Is it Hank? or just look for some guy in San Fran in a black turtle neck and jeans.

Q: Are schools mad buying technology for kids and not sending the devices home?
A: Yes its a personal device the whole 24/7 thing is the only way to go.

Q: Are the warriors fans a bunch of low life bogans, homies and riff raff?
A: No but one of those bastards nicked our warriors flag from the front of the school and we want it back. I know, get over it!

Q: Is your twitter stream needing a makeover, are you sick of the same tweets from the same bastards?
A: Yes, but any addiction is hard to kick, and i'm still interested.

Q: Are you concerned that the national standards were changed and no one told us?
A: Annoyed yes, concerned maybe. Do I care - no

Q: Is Lion way better now you've been running it for two months?
A: I turned all the new "features" off and its like I'm running snow leopard so who cares.

Q: Is anything good about Lion?
A: Yes i found a feature from OS9 days that they have re-established. Click once on a file or select multiple files and then "command-P". You guessed it, they print. Thanks Hank (see above).
Theres one for your sMACdown.

Q: RWC is anyone feeling sorry for South Africa?
A: No, not today, not tomorrow, not next week, month or year.

Q: If you were told that the national standards helped you inquire into your own practice would you be more forthcoming or positive toward them?
A: No not really?

Q: How good is having the short term 4?
A: Real good, these holidays are brilliant and with only 8 weeks. Kapow.

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