Sunday, November 7, 2010

Q & A

It's been a while, the podgorani has had heads down living week by week.

Question : Why has the ministry cut the staffing ratio for every school in NZ?
Answer : They gotta save millions so they tried it on, and with 50% of auckland schools appealing their staffing, they may just save a few bucks. Who hasn't appealed?
Question : National Standards, why are Karen Sewell and Anne Tolley making such a meal of the implementation ?
Answer : You cant force crap on schools and disguise it as a shiney answer to a complex issue.
Question : NS again, Who is advising Mary, Karen and Anne, or are they actually leading?
Answer : I think they are making the calls, no-one else could over-react like woman scorned, clearly pissed off, they wrote to BOT's giving ridiculous examples of charter targets, now they ridiculously decided to ring BOTs. Those actions will spur more to oppose!
Question : How many games does Joe Roks have to play before Ted realises that Ranger, Guilford, Gear, Jane, Maitland, Sivivatu are all better?
Answer : While they continue to pick Donald Duck we cant moan about Joe Roks.
Question : Why do I not unfollow more people on twitter.
Answer : I morbidly enjoy watching them butcher their online profile, and I sort of hope they don't have that twitter app that tells them they have been unfollowed.
Question : Why do principals always ask "how can you afford all this gear"?
Answer : You cant afford not to.
Question : Why do schools pack their term 4 calendars into something resembling the floor of the New York stock exchange.
Answer : We are suckers for punishment, we just hop on the wave and ride it through to December.
Question : Why do we continue to get ripped off in this country with mobile phone charges and say nothing or do nothing?
Answer : Kiwis are too polite to complain, we just wait for an uninformed media storm and jump right on the bandwagon (any topic, any bandwagon).
Question : How do you get a $50,000 garden for 10k ?
Answer : Get organised and get your community in to help.


Mac Stevenson said...

Q Why do I always slice my drive on the 16th?

A Because of the row of trees and the out of bounds fence on the right hand side of the tee.

Podgorani said...

too true Mac, when the obvious is in front of you then "it's obvious"

Fletchspeak said...

Why am I nervous about the AB's not performing to expectation in the world cup next year?
Because Mr Henry can't work out who the next best no 10 is?
He should have given a trip to Colin Slade and he would have seen the value!