Monday, August 30, 2010

Mac Vs PC

So you want some evidence as to the durability of a mac ?
A Principal friend of mine lost everything in a house fire, EVERYTHING, luckily the kids/family got out.
The house just melted in front of them. The brigade got the hoses going but it was way too late.
However two pieces of technology survived. The flames, heat, water and smoke damage stopped everything from ticking, well almost everything.
Uncle Steve would be proud.

The macbook ticks along nicely thank you, oh the other piece of technology that is still going great is her iphone.


Moturoa said...

Is that like a Big Mac not bio-degrading? How horrible for your friend. Hope he had a back up off site somewhere!


CheesyUK said...

OMG - brilliant reason to get an iPhone now too. horrid to have happened to someone with everything gone [devastating infact] but utterly amazing that the lappy and phone survived!

James said...

I would like to see some proof of this little tale... Sounds like an urban myth to me.

Podgorani said...

good try james, if you look closely the ports on the side are all black, the connections didn't even need a wipe they just kept going. I have searched the local paper on the internet for the fire story but cant find it. however they have a copy of the clip so next time im up at the school i will get my mate to hold up the paper cutting from the western leader with her laptop. and i will get you a photo. actually i will take a few more, its quite incredible how they survived, i will check the iphone for heat damage too.