Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Emma Woods I salute you

In one of the saddest stories ever written, a great New Zealander has touched everyone who heard or saw her reaction. This is something that brought a tear to the eye of thousands of people as we shook our heads in disbelief of a truly amazing woman. Picture your two children run over by an alleged boy racer, killing one and injuring another and the grieving mum coming out with statements like these:

"We don't want this to be his defining moment in his life," Emma Woods said yesterday of Ash Austin's actions that killed her son Nayan, 4, and injured her and her other son Jacob, 6.

"He's young ... and he's got his whole life ahead of him. And we hope he will use it to do good things, and to be good with people. And maybe eventually to be a good father.

"We know that at some stage with the grieving process, there will be anger. But at this stage, we're not angry. It's just a tragic accident."

"He was just a kid coming home from work and the road was slippery.

"He made a mistake maybe driving, I don't know, that's not for me to decide. I know that sometimes when I'm with the kids, I've maybe driven a bit too fast. Everybody makes mistakes when they're driving."

Read for yourself unbelievable this and this.

Emma Woods your are truly amazing. I know every kiwi sends you and your family their love. If we could take some of the strength and empathy you have shown, and action that daily, this country would be an even better place. I am extremely proud to know such a great Kiwi, mum, family exists in NZ. arohanui


Ian said...

This is a story that is worth commenting on. Isn't it great when in the midst of such great tragedy we see such great qualities coming into the light?

claire Cheeseman said...

wow - that is amazing, a truly awesome person who highlights the art of forgiveness beautifully - thanks for the story because I missed the news but was totally touched reading this!
thoughts go to her and her family and that of the driver too

Podgorani said...

this really was a story, thanks for your comments, it certainly touched me.