Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Visual learners - old but still cool

My mate Wes (australian so i will use simple language, terms like "mate" go down well there - see I can be politically correct) posted a nice little tweet about how to avoid questions to kids that will be easily answered by google. This led me through to a nice blog post which led my eyes to a cool graphic about blooms. The graphic was cut off slightly which always annoys the visual learner (insert Podgorani here).

A quick search in google images for blooms taxonomy graphic and I had a series of hits. Still the click through to next page bollicks, and the see real image is garbage, but click to cool iris and get the scrolling images hit just the right spot. I was like a boy in a lolly shop.

I know cool iris is old and yesterdays web 2.0 tool, but the way the web moves so fast we jump past things that still work and shouldn't have been left in the web 2 trail of crappy apps.

Cool Iris in action.
If you were looking for visual representations about blooms then surely Cool Iris is where you should be.

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