Sunday, February 28, 2010

How do you choose?

The gossip over the weekend. So a certain DP's daughter's girlfriend's boyfriend (thanks @mumbleboy for the apostrophies) left a certain fee paying high school on "the shore" to go to another undisclosed (public) high school because he plays basketball and the private school couldn't provide a team in the elite grade. Wow. I had to blog this and i'm currently tweeting and texting everyone I know. The DP who broke this gossip thought this was news.

The thing is that kids leave schools and go elsewhere for lots of reasons, parents and kids, it seems, have that choice. The thing for me is that in the 80's when Podgorani wore walk shorts and sandals, moving schools was tantamount to treason. Kids that left a school to go elsewhere were not tolerated. Now basketball, photography, golf, lawn bowls all provide opportunities. People, parents, kids all realize that we don't all have to go to grammar to be lawyers, and everyone at grammar doesn't have to be a lawyer. We have a choice, and we should be proud that our education system and the people in the system recognise opportunities and kids can chase their passion while getting an education.
I know that the walls close in on those stuck in the poorer areas, but there are so many opportunities for everyone who looks hard enough. This young girl is living proof of that.


Manaiakalani said...

been meaning to stop by again and say "Thanks" for the mention of Christine's blog here. She is one young lady who has seized an amazing opportunity to find out how the other half lives - and even better is returning to our community to hopefully inspire more kids to do the same. And her blog is a fine read.
As is yours....

Podgorani said...

Yeah it can be tough for children to be strong enough to seek what they want, but it can be done. I love these stories of achievement, and hers is just the beginning.