Wednesday, October 14, 2009

moderated or shut down which one?

As you know I started a thread on the MOE website about the national standards.
Today I left this post:

I have been contacted (by fellow principals) and asked to send the standards back to the MOE unopened. It appears that the NZEI and NZPF who I have spoken too are not sure if they are arthur or martha. Its a dilemma but something that needs to be discussed, i'm interested if there is a groundswell on "return to sender" or whether it is another poor idea in this whole ugly vote winning saga.

I thought I was asking for opinion and asking whether it was just me, should we do something or is that an over-reaction. I wanted to know what people thought.
It was posted for about 15 minutes and then I received an email that said it had been moderated and it did not fit with the forum guidelines for educational leaders. Im pissed but not surprised.
If we speak up we get shot down, we cant have an opinion opposite to the govt. Ever heard of that in other countries? I could name a few.


Anonymous said...

Have decided to have the BOT of which I am a member require the principal to return the documents. Will see if it gets traction week after next.

Reason being it is not in the interests of our students.

Podgorani said...

Wow thats a courageous BOT and I commend you. I will be meeting with my chairperson and BOT next week and we may follow suit. I think there are a lot of smoke screens in the whole Nat Stand fiasco, but what is undeniable is that the KIDS in NZ will suffer from these stupid political decisions. Thanks for the decisive feedback and contribution.

Allanah K said...

Thank goodness you have a blog so you can still share what you think and start a discussion.

Cameron Lockie said...

Hi Luke
I am with you we need an open and honest discussion about the NS and how these NS will improve learning for our students and not to be shut down by the MOE because we think differently to them. Thanks for the thought provoking posts, keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

I struggle to see the value in moderators removing such a would be of value however to see the reasoning behind it, with some guide as to how we could engage in that discussion in a way the site would accept.

A leadership blog no less.

The MOE, NZPF and especially the NZEI may well find that Arthur and Martha are at the shallow end of name slinging now that the conversation lies on less moderated ground.

We're all waiting for the NZEI to unleash its mighty 'wet - bus-ticket lashing' on the national standards.. or at least generate enough press to keep the memberships rolling so their head office refit of faux suede lazy-boys can go ahead without actually needing to engage in any hand dirtying edu-politics.

I shudder to think of the kind of fee hike they'd make to cover the cost of genuine action.

Till then, the fortnightly bottle of wine I buy instead of a membership takes me through the terrible guilt.

Marlene Campbell said...

Hey Luke
What a crock you were not moderated you were gagged. How pitiful as this post does not in my opinion violate the guidelines set out for the forum? This entire scenario reeks of political smokescreens and big time power play. Ms Tolley and her minions must have paid off every organisation that used to have a spine and advocate for oh thats right us as their members oh and thats right again the kids. I have e-mailed many people who I considered worthy of a hit on behalf of NZ education and kids. They are all SILENT.. Why? Whats going on in Wellington? So it is up to all of us to fight this we have the numbers, we have the strength, we are a community lets go! My packs are going back the Invercargill and Southland Principals meet this week. We have a plan and we have a lot of support and yes we are also informing our BOT. Kia Kaha people stand up and be counted.