Thursday, July 23, 2009

Test for Creativity

Had a great conversation with the mac center of Warkworth about testing. He really got me thinking about a National test for every kid. What you say ! Podgorani wants a national test - YES I DO. @macninz suggests we should national test every kid in the arts, dance, drama, music, and sports. Reality says a test wont work but it begs the question how schools would go if there was.
I would love to see the decile ranking spun on its arse, the 10s would find out very quickly what its like to be at the bottom. The declie 1's would be on fire with their depth of talent. On a more humorous note the south island (cant dance, white gene, wakefield company, andrew merhtons lookalikes) would be struggling. This would be brilliant.
Sure take this posting with a grain of salt, but consider Ken Robinson, are you part of killing creativity in your school? So have a reality check - look at the arts and ask yourself if you are putting the equal amount of effort into them as you are reading writing and maths.

For all you southeners who are feeling sad Merts says it all.


AllanahK said...

Don't write off all of Ngai Tahu or the decile 10s. We're not all as bad as you make out.

Allanah K

Fletchspeak said...

And nor was Merhts - I reckon he was just expressing himself as most in those low decile schools would relate to. In fact I know one Principal (near Henderson) who would gladly show such glee in using this sign language to the bean counters in Wellington. Guess who Poddy?

Podgorani said...

the choir boy was and still is one of my all time favourites. he had talent and was indeed an artist but he sprinkled it with hard work, not necessarily at the gym, but with skill development and in later years in mental development. In a lot of way merts became mentally strong and developed a game that others could only dream of achieving because while others went to the gym for longevity he matured in the top two inches.
allanah - ngai tahu isnt nelson by the way... lol