Monday, April 6, 2009

Jellyfish vs the Blue Suits

Here is the article we were all waiting for.

Those cheating lying bstds- who the hell do they think they are - now we will see if our schools have the guts to stand up. I wonder if the NZEI has one tiny touch of spine in them, or will the jelly fish wobble back to their pathetic labour spiral of hugs for the whanau.

Im actually loving this scenario building, I wish the TAB were running a book on the outcome. You have got to laugh at the National parties complete and utter incompetence, it's worth buying tickets to this show.

"The standards will not require each pupil to take the same test but will see existing assessments translated into a result that can be measured nationally. Data on each school's overall pupil performance would go to the ministry."

Here is the easy way to get around this one. ESOL kids don't sit the tests and other children will be harmed by the testing so they will not have the stress of testing subjected on them. this is what every secondary school in NZ currently does by selecting who sits the tests and who doesnt. This will have an immediate impact on your "results".

You know what - maybe anne tolley never mentioned league tables, maybe Nationals views haven't changed at all, we have lots of testing tools available- use the ones that suit you, send your charter and results of you goals to the MOE and allow parents access to your chosen testing. maybe thats nationals view.
Maybe that spineless lot (NZEI) are on the attack.
Maybe NZEI mentioned league tables and played that card cause they cant play a bulk funding card any longer.
Maybe the high tide has wobbled in and the jellyfish are in the waves.
Maybe I will never ever get an NZEI travelling fellowship.
Maybe the nats arent cheating lying bstds.

get your tickets - its gonna be a great game!


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love a Minister who spends tax payer's money to attend a conference in Queenstown. Hears the experts warn against the dangers of leagues tables and like most politicians think they know better.
Let the battle begin but as you say it will be the schools rather than the NZEI that have the casualties.

Steve Berezowski said...

Sorry I did nt mean to be anonymous

Fletchspeak said...

We knew it was coming - it was a good bet well before the election. No good squealing - lets make sure we do actually voice our opinion NOW and in UNISON. It would be good to get together a bunch of rednecks (similiar to the Podgorani & his cronies who met in Qtown recently)and meet to discuss how we can be proverbial pains in the arse before Annie gets her gun fired up. I'm in - we can meet at Luke's den & make a weekend of it ?! Throw in a bit of social interaction as well perhaps.Wot do ya think mate?