Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cheers John Hattie

I stumbled across some important reading while clearing out the macbook, I'm not on my twelfth novel but I did read something.
I have linked the interview Kim Hill had with Dr Nuttall, they videoed classrooms and went deep into learning/learners/classroom effectiveness. Well worth a read.

Hattie made my holidays with his sunday paper headlines that shut the mouth of many "educators and informed parents" with his on the money comments of effectiveness.
Of course TV3 had to jump on the performance based pay issue which is always the most contentious but you cant win em all.

Usually i sit in the far north and watch education cop a bashing from the uninformed, but no, these holidays have been brilliant. What was encouraging was to read that the ever vote winning National Party were asked to comment on Hattie's article and they could only just agree........ i'm lovin it...


Anonymous said...

Yes Luke.
After Ann Tooley had rushed through legislation before Christmas for national testing she now says she agrees with John Hattie who is saying basically that national testing isn't the answer. What an interesting year it will be.
Have another listen to Sir Ken Robinson and it puts Hattie's comments into perspective

From GROB Warkworth

Podgorani said...

mate I cant agree more, it was great reading.