Tuesday, December 16, 2008

National Party

The crime against kids has started with simplified, dumb, uninformed decision making by the national party. this law reform is an absolute disgrace, the brain power behind the National Standards is contrary to every direction our world leading education system is headed. National will be confronted head on by principals like me who will refuse to do A national test and will scream it from the highest mountain. when law commands me to do it i will advise children to be sick, will refuse to supervise, or mark the tests, go slow on other legislative requirements and any other obstructional thing I can think of, to halt national testing...

NOW it is highly possible that National wont be doing national testing BUT if you dont consult with the leaders of education- principals , before bringing in poorly thought out, vote winning policy then EDucation will be the loser.
Im in this game for kids and At this point kids are looking like they will be the loser.

national are making decisions that go against what educators are saying see this article http://www.nzcer.org.nz/default.php?cPath=343_368&products_id=2289

I will give nats time to talk it through and make quality decisions, but i also wait with a megaphone, the power of the internet and a really big stick, as this is "a hill i want to die on". I wont stand by and watch kids crucified and schools go to war with each other over tests and their results.

have a great christmas


Anonymous said...

It's one thing to bleat in a blog and entirely another to stand up amd deal to the problem. It would be really good to see you education leaders stand up and fight the good fight.

You have a good Christmas too

Another tired classroom teacher

Anonymous said...

I have complete faith the all NZ educators, led by their leadership, will stand up and fight the good fight against national testing.
The problem might be that it creeps in slowly and could possibly be hidden like a trojan horse. Are you not already entering numeracy data into a nationwide database?