Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Get a panelbeater if you want the job done.

Why is it when your teeth are stuffed you head for a dentist, when your car needs repairs a mechanic and if the car needs further examination we may use a panel-beater or automotive electrician.
They go unquestioned. When Wayne the Westie says your transmissions stuffed, its stuffed. Wayne may not have passed school certificate in 1982, and he may have a mullet and bad breath and drive a really scratchy HQ holden, but he is unquestioned, he knows his weet-bix and we accept this.
Why then are teachers not taken and accepted. 
Parents can be fickle (we are dealing with loved ones) but many many parents listen, support and encourage. I'd probably say the ones that don't believe us, or argue, would equal the number who think Wayne is a rip off artist and try elsewhere (even though Wayne was right in the first place).
I think Parents are as accepting of our professionalism as any other profession.

I mean that we are more critical of one another, more picky, more pedantic.
My son had to write out a letter about the importance of Homework, he got his hwk wrong. The letter was an essay which he copied. It said that teachers worked hard, set high expectations for homework, and marked and fed back to students. My answer was "bullshit" this Doris had never marked homework, and had 30 of 33 boys re doing her homework cause they didn't follow her instructions. Seems her "high standards of hwk" didn't have very clear instructions.
I have dealt with three other teachers who are "hot" on their sons/daughters teachers and their schools.
Its a real shame, there are some amazing schools with innovative ideas, and some amazing leaders who are doing fantastic things. Why do we look to rubbish schools when a quiet whisper to the boss might be needed. Or a "trust us" card needs to be played. If it is good enough for the panelbeaters of this word to trust our schools then the teachers out there need to do the same.

I know we think we have inside information to things that happen in other schools, but the reality is that the whisper you get is only as good as the person telling you. Lets look at what we can control and what we can do and not worry about what we cant control.
Parents, Teachers, Panelbeaters relax we are doing our best and always striving to do better.

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