Monday, June 30, 2008


The golden glow of Robbie Deans continues with the NZ media. Australia were absolute crap in the first half vs France and in the second half they improved slightly when it became apparent to those watching (including those 500 weirdos who are now cheering for Australia) that France B actually stands for France Bloody-Hopeless.
TVNZ ran with the story of Wallabies exciting. If you consider that TVNZ shows coronation street twice a week then anything is exciting.

Aussie played ok vs Ireland without doing much, a bit like NZ vs England 1st test. Vs France they were crap and they look the weakest team in tri nations thus far. Keep your cash in the pockets for the Tri Nations as this comp will go to the wire.

All three sides are fairly even in talent terms, probably ranking them its SA then Aus then NZ but still very close. So we will see who is the best coach

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